As a collaborative, we all take turns working so you are sure to meet some of us at the gallery. Here is a listing of our artists and with a quick look their work. Search for an artist by medium here.

Jerry Allen

Mary Lou Anderson

Darlene Becker

Carol Bellamy

Marcellia Bombola

Ray Borton

Verena Borton

Jason Branz

Joy Butler

Cathy Cederlind

Michael Thompson

Joyce Doiron

Kenneth Hamilton

Marleen Hoffman

Debra Airehart

Laurie Kneppel

Tereze Lear

Cindy Lee

Kristi Taylor

Charles Moore

Annette Schachner

Louise Schiele

Barbara Steffen

Dick Stern

Betty Thompson

Dale Walton

Robin Wenrick

Elaine Yamada

Ava Lee

Rufus Chalmers

Carol Brown

Sandy Lindblad

Grant Kreinberg

Charlie Iveson

Deidre Daugherty

Marcia Ruth

Nancy Westergaard