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Andréa Simeral-Boyer

Lampwork Glass Jewelry

Grass Valley artist, Andréa Simeral-Boyer has been an artist all her life. Dancer, painter, engraver, leather worker, and lampworker. Many mediums for an artist with many interests. Until 2010, Andréa spent the majority of her time painting porcelain and teaching the fine art to local students thru adult education, private groups, and an online forum. She enjoyed competing in many shows, and has received numerous awards. She has been a Featured Artist at county fairs and several galleries, as well as being published in two industry magazines. She has held offices in local and state level organizations, and enjoyed the challenge of leading the local Camellia City Porcelain Artists club. Having spent 23 years in the medium, she felt a change was needed to keep the creative juices flowing.

As a result, Andréa changed her primary occupational and artistic focus to pursue her passion; to work in glass. Many hours with top instructors, and many more hours alone behind the torch, have resulted in the beads she displays in her studio. A torch, colored glass rods, a kiln, a few tools, and some imagination and creativity, (and much patience!) all work together to make the beautiful beads she enjoys creating.

The beads are crafted in her home studio, one at a time. She may use a combination of Italian, Chinese, and American silver glasses along with fine silver and copper in the creation of the beautiful pieces. No two are exactly alike. They are each annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for stability and will last a lifetime with proper handling. The jewelry Andréa creates reflects her personal taste and style. She hopes that an individual viewing them will look deep into the beads and feel her presence locked within them.

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