Jack McTiernan

Painting and Design

Jack McTiernan was born and raised in the Syracuse, NY area. After spending his formative years in New York City. He has relocated from the east coast to Davis, California. With a driven personality, he pursues a lifelong passion of art including printmaking, design and painting.


Initially attending Canisius College for a degree in communication, he was one of the initial fine art students and helped define the fine art curriculum while conducting independent studies with Fr. Michael Tunney. This independent study would motivate him to pursue a degree in graphic design from Pratt Institute, while simultaneously working in the art supply retail industry and pursuing his vocation in painting.


Working in package design, offset printing, and digital printing and production has defined the focus of his paintings on the arrangement of the shapes and the elements being organized in the design. The shapes created by negative space are equally important to his paintings as the elements used to compose the design. He emphasizes this space with color and brushwork to define the mood of the piece, while also engaging the viewers’ sense of depth and perspective.


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129 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

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