Kate Samson



Since my early childhood vacations on Cape Cod, I have been enamored with the sea. This enchantment I have seems to be almost universal, with people of all different cultures and creeds seeing the ocean as this ever powerful and divine force. I have lived much of my life bouncing from one coastline to another, in search of sea glass, a tangible symbol that is both curated by man and by the ocean itself. 


Always in need of some creative undertaking, I studied art and design in college, and worked as a graphic design for many years. In 2014 I took a silver smith class and learned the art of the bezel.


A little naïve, I started to bezel my sea glass and making pieces of jewelry, not realizing that there was already an incredible community of people making all kinds of wonderful art out of sea glass. Designing jewelry has become my passion, and I feel tied to each single piece of jewelry I produce. With a background in art and design, I feel my work has a modern edge with influences from both medieval Europe and Art Nouveau. My formal art and design education juxtaposed with a piece of sea glass that is hand picked from the beach creates compelling and unique pieces that are symbolic of myself as an artist.


Still learning and I try to challenge myself with new and better designs.

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