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Elaine Yamada

Jewelry & Alcohol Ink Painting

I have been making jewelry most of my life. In 2003 I discovered wire jewelry and fell in love with it. I took all the courses I could find on how to make wire jewelry. As a natural course of progression, I then branched out into metal smithing and forging. The artist comes out in me on each piece I create. The stones and metal speak to me as each piece of art is crafted. I know you will love wearing my creations as much as I enjoy crafting them. 

I began painting several years ago as an experiment with patinas on metal in my jewelry. It was so much fun that I started painting animals and trees in alcohol inks. The colors are so vibrant. Recently I have found painting with acrylics is similar and I love the organic flow of it.

I have been an artist since my childhood when I would draw endlessly. Since I retired I have found fulfillment and have returned to artwork.

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