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John Reiger


John makes all his pottery on a foot-powered kick wheel and paints all the decorations by hand.

I like to think that my work is very Californian. It is casual without being crude, it is disciplined without being stuffy, and it is well suited for a relaxed California lifestyle.


To create my pottery I use a midrange stoneware clay that is especially suited for my throwing style, my glaze and my decorations. I mix my own glaze, one that I developed. I seek decorative images in nature which I hand paint on each piece. I have used a foot-powered kick wheel for my entire 45 year career, and fire my pots in an electric kiln.


I have always preferred to make useful items but strive to imbue them with grace and beauty. I believe the combination of utility and beauty is, or should be, the goal of every maker of items that people will use. I put my training in commercial art and design (Art Center College) to use in finding ways to improve existing functional pieces and to create new items that other potters do not make.

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