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Terry first discovered his love of photography in his early 20’s after taking several courses in black & white photography and seeing what artists like Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Imogen Cunningham and especially Ansel Adams created with their images. He even had the chance to meet Ansel Adams at a lecture he was giving at a local (Northern California) college many years ago, and Terry was hooked. Unfortunately, as much as he tried pursuing what he felt was his calling, the reality of life had a way of interfering. Although he tried a number of times in his 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, photography just didn’t work out for Terry.  He did, however, become a terrific snapshot artist, always on call for various events for family and friends.

When digital photography came on the scene, he at first stayed away from it due to what he saw as an image quality issue. With the recent advances in digital camera equipment and the vast improvement in image quality, added to the fact that you no longer need to process your images and art in a darkroom, it served as a siren call to Terry to try once again to follow his long-standing dream.  In 2009, he did just that and started jt Photo-imaginations.

Terry has always felt that the most interesting facets of photography are capturing the colors and moods of nature and to be able to create an interesting image by painting with light. Whether in the subtle hues of “Under Capitola Pier”, the rustic red of “Eamon’s door, Rearcross Ireland”, the very moody but rich colors of “Abandoned Cottage, Islay Scotland”, the strange and wonderful San Francisco fog in “Foggy Beauty” or the vibrant colors of “Capitola Colors”, Terry hopes you will view his work and enjoy it.

Terry was born in Kansas but moved to Northern California in 1962 when his father secured a job with Lockheed in Sunnyvale, long before the area became the world-famous Silicon Valley. With just a few job-related excursions to Chicago and Southern California, he has called Northern California home for almost 50 years.

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