jt (Terry) Whittaker




I first discovered my love of photography in my 20’s after taking several courses in black & white photography. I am passionate about finding the perfect moment and capturing what my mind’s eye sees.  My inspirations are Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Eyvand Earle.  My experience is in various types of photography, including LANDSCAPES, STILL LIFE, FAMILY AND INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS, real estate and lifestyle/event photography shoots. My goal is to capture the unique quality and personality of every subject I photograph. To me painting with light and capturing the colors and moods of nature are the most interesting facets of photography. Whether in the subtle hues of “Under Capitola Pier”, the rustic red of “Eamon’s Door”, the moody but rich colors of “Abandoned Cottage”, the strange & wonderful fog in “Foggy Beauty” or the vibrant colors of “Capitola Colors”, I hope you will view my work and enjoy it.