One of my projects during this period of down time was to get a handle on my fiber art inventory and to my surprise I found I have a lot of work stacking up in my studio, my closets, my storage.....and I've decided to hold an "Inventory Sale".


To see the selected items, please go to my website:

http://www.louiseschiele.com and click on Inventory Sale and you will see around 45 pieces of work that I have significantly discounted; older pieces along with some of my recent work.  I need to make room for the list of new work I need/want to create.  If you see something you want but don't like the pricing, email me and make an offer and we'll see what can be worked out. 


I appreciate your on-going support and kind words about my work in the past.  If you could also forward on my information to anyone in your contact list that you think might be interested, please do so.


Thank you and I hope my work brings you a smile and a place on your wall. 





Louise Thompson Schiele
Fiber Collage Artist
Email:  fibercollageartist@att.net
Website:  http://www.louiseschiele.com