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Marcellia Bombola

Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings

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       Creating vibrant watercolor and acrylic paintings is one of my passions.  It is my goal to capture the unique natural beauty around me.  In addition to painting live flowers from my yard and the surrounding areas I have photographed flowers in many different state gardens and in Canada and Puerto Rico as well.  I use those pictures as inspiration for my work but like to interpret those photos in my own style.  My paintings are all about the color.  I often layer the paint many times to create depth in the watercolor.  My acrylic paintings, however, are painted in an impressionistic style and very fun to create as well.

       Basically, I am hoping to take a space and make it lovely.  How wonderful it is to create something that makes people smile.

Painted Vases

        For many years now I have been fascinated by the veins in flowers and leaves and nature in general.  I have experimented with how paint flows and often seems to create veins when mixed with water and other mediums.  I decided to use plain glass as my canvas and create vein-like textures on glass vases.  I do this by altering the texture of the glass first. I then create a system of layering acrylic paint and India ink with water to create lovely patterns. Rough surfaces are created by adding other elements to the paint and glass.  Each finished vase take many hours to complete and hopefully will bring a bit of joy to those that see them.

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