Margaret Eldred

Pen & Ink


I am a homegrown artist--I was born and raised in northern California and all my art training has been from Sacramento City College. My inspiration comes from the landscapes around me, both fields and mountains. I love where I live in Davis with tomato fields a few steps from my front door and year-round hiking.  But I also like to travel to remote places to see how other people live.  This fall, I am taking a hiking and bus trip through Iceland to explore farming and fishing villages. I aim to have all my exhibits at the gallery celebrate the diversity of the natural and human world around us.


I am attracted to drawing using a technical pen because I like the precision of the line.  It is very detailed but relaxing--once I have the main lines down, I can talk and draw at the same time. I work strictly from photos I or my husband have taken, mostly because such detailed work would be difficult to do on-site.


I also do acrylic landscapes and occasional pastels--these are usually fairly realistic landscapes but I am beginning to branch out to more abstract and unconventional paintings. My favorite 21st century artists are Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, William Kentridge, and David Hockney. They are my go-to artists when I need to be challenged  to do something different.