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Mary Lou Anderson

Fused Glass

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I am a glass artist who began to work in stained glass more than 25 years ago.  With small children in the house, my glass was put aside until late 2000 when my children were grown. 

Stained glass led to a desire to learn more about glass and its potential.  After one class of fusing, I was addicted, and my love affair with warm glass began. 

I have studied with many great glass artists over the years on the West Coast and have taken a workshop at the Corning Glass Company in New York and a class in Denver. I spent two days on the famous island of Murano, near Venice, where the glass industry found its soul.

Every glass magazine that is published is read. I fuse, slump, drape, and sand carve glass. I make jewelry, etch and paint glassware, dabble with silver clay, and make lamp work beads. 

I also write suspense/thriller novels (pen name: M.L. Edson).  The Six Rivers Killer and Not Even a Shadow (a journal of working in the California prison system) are available on Amazon. Sierra Heist will be released later this year (2019).  

Many of my glass pieces are functional pieces of beautiful art. Others are destined to decorate your home or to be worn as stunning pieces of jewelry.   

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