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Nattalie Saso Sanchez
Acrylic Paintings and prints of Acrylic Paintings
Nattalie Saso Sanchez.jpg

   Nattalie Saso Sanchez is a Sacramento based artist and writer. Drawing inspiration from spirituality and the powerful lessons she has learned from loved ones, each piece reflects something personal and valuable.

    Working primarily with Acrylic Paint and gold leaf, her subject matter include a range from portraits, to everyday objects, to the natural world of plants and flowers.  

Nattalie aspires to be an art teacher and pass on the skills she has learned in memory of her aunt, a true artist that taught her everything she knows. 

    Until then she works at Starbucks, and on her days off Nattalie enjoys visiting various coffee shops, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her family, friends, and partner.

Nattalie Sanchez.jpg
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