Rebecca Boyd


Acrylic's and Mosaics

I am retired from working as a Fiscal Budget Analyst at the Travis Unified School District.  I have loved making art in my spare time.   I am a self- taught artist who loves all different kinds of art forms.  Mosaics are one of my favorites. I create functional and fine art originally designed mosaics for home and garden.  I love working with my hands designing one of a kind art pieces.   Designing mosaics gives me a unique reflective and dimensional aspect to creating home and garden accents… 


Drawn to forms inspired by nature, mosaics allow me a way to explore compositions in contrasts.  The contrast between values of light and dark, size and textures of materials such as glass and stone, shiny and dull are combined into motifs found in nature’s patterns. 


Besides Mosaics I love creating pieces of art with vintage jewelry and seashells creating one of a kind frames or wall art.  My jeweled art pieces are very unique.  I love to incorporate vintage jewelry along with beads, pearls, and family trinkets to make that special one of a kind art recreating something new and beautiful.

I have found a love for acrylic painting. I incorporate resin into the acrylics so the end result is a lot of movement, texture and bright colors.  I put a little piece of me into everything that I create.  I love making special pieces for people upon request.

(916) 444-7125

129 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

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