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Thomas Ford



About My Work

Living in the Sacramento area, the American River dominates my collection.  I often depict glimpses of people participating in the recreational opportunities of the region.

I work from photographs that I have taken while hiking, bicycling, or kayaking.  I also enjoy traveling and gathering subject matter while enjoying the beauty of the United States.

Given the limitations of my photographic skills, my goal is to interpret the photographic image with my own personal memory and emotions within my paintings. Without sketching, I work from the shadows bringing the light forward.  I am most intrigued by capturing light at specific times of the day, the angle of the sun within the time of the year, and the condition of the weather.  


Art is a process through which the creator uses his/her experience and skills to have an emotional connection with the outcome.  It can be personal or it can be shared with others who appreciate and interpret this outcome with their own emotions and experience. The essence of art’s value is determined by the degree of emotional connection interpreted by the creator for himself/herself and for those who view the creation.

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