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Viktor Ivantsov

Wood Carving

Carving by Viktor lvantsov

From early childhood, I would walk through the forest of my hometown Vinnitsa Ukraine, picking up sticks and carving decors on them. I passionately loved carving, but as life is not all about passion, I quickly jumped into Chip o real life and carving became my hobby that I never had time for. It took years for me to realize the wood chip carving is my calling and decided to master my skills, I flew to Kirov Ukraine and had a great opportunity to learn from one of the greatest masters in Geometrical Carving. Carving anything from simple Christmas toys to more complicated custom jewelry boxes and chess boards.

My mission is to pass on my knowledge to people with an interest in taking a piece of wood and creating something beautiful out of it. Outside of creating beautiful artwork I enjoy fishing, hiking, and playing the guitar.

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